How to be a Baddie 101

How to be a Baddie 101

As we all know, the term “bitch” is something we never want to see ourselves as nor hear from anyone else. But in today’s day in age, let’s change the mentality surrounding the word bitch. The world has seen “boss babes,” but we need more than that. We are independent, intelligent, unapologetic, confident and all about good vibes often referred to as a BAD BITCH.

What does being a bad bitch mean? While it is different for everyone, there are a few key details that everyone needs to know.

Prioritize yourself

A bad bitch puts themselves above everyone else. You believe your opinion about yourself is the only one that matters; you don’t bother with people who bring you down. You know what you want in life and have a clear view of your future. You will not stop for anyone who gets in your way. In the rare chance a lousy day brings a bad bitch down, we stop and collect ourselves and move on. We are all about self-care here; we treat both our bodies and mind, whether journaling and mediation or eating an ice cream sundae for dinner (who’s judging anyway? Not us!) Bad bitches take care of ourselves.

Exude Confidence

When it comes to clothes, we wear what we want. Whatever makes us feel powerful is our go-to outfit. We beam with confidence from every angle, not just the clothes. A bad bitch presents themselves strongly, holds herself to a high standard, and knows their worth. Our personalities are unapologetic and authentic; we are not afraid to speak up and discuss what we believe in. We think our opinion matters and will make sure it is heard loud and clear.

Stay True to Yourself  

We know who we are, and we love every aspect of ourselves. We don’t believe in changing ourselves to meet the demands of others. You are your unique individual; no one likes you, so why change just fit in? Bad bitches love to stand out by being authentic and showing the world our truest selves. Fitting into a mold created by others is not for us; we would instead break it into pieces. Bad bitches walk out the door every morning knowing they are a bad bitch, today and every day.

 These are just a few qualities a bad bitch possesses, but they are the most important. Being a bad bitch takes time. Don’t worry if you find yourself slipping into your old mentality; a bad bitch wasn’t built in a day. Take a few small steps each day, and next thing you know, you will be rocking the bad bitch mindset like it was yours all along.


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