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First Time Buying a Mystery Box?


For most, our mystery boxes provides the chance to receive some of the hottest and trendiest accessories fashion and jewelry. For others, it’s about the excitement and joy that comes with unboxing a mystery care package and sharing the experience with others to feel the exhilaration alongside you.

Whether you’re about to open your first mystery box or open your next one, we can guarantee it’ll be an exciting moment with ever-changing products and more things to do discover.

What are Mystery Boxes?

Mystery boxes consists of at least a single item, but more times than not, a collection of items that are unknown to the receiver until the box is opened. The contents can vary but are typically narrowed down to a category or subcategory. With our fashion jewelry mystery box, we extend our contents to include rings, necklaces, hair accessories, headbands, bracelets. Even though you can expect, to some degree, what types of items you’ll be receiving, the exact contents will always remain a mystery is it’s frequently rotated and swapped with different trendy items.

Unboxing videos have exploded in popularity like YouTube and TikTok as it brings like-minded people and provides a medium to enjoy the moment together in a way that a normal purchase cannot provide. The factor of surprise and not knowing what you’ll get is one of the joys of purchasing mystery boxes.

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