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The Mystery Behind Mystery Boxes

What Makes Mystery Boxes So Appealing?

The volatility of items in a mystery box remains the core appeal, as it signifies the difference between winning big or winning small. With our mystery boxes, you can rest assured that all contents are valued over $100 retail.

Guaranteed High-Quality and Unique Contents

Our team handpicks every single item in every mystery box to make sure it’s up to our high standards. We never manipulate a mystery box to contain items less than what we advertise. Moreover, we hand curate each box to ensure that no two boxes will be the same. As a jewelry manufacturer, we always have a steady stream of limited quantity jewelry items based on trends and seasonality of regular fashion markets. We promise fairness, randomness, and fun, so you can live in excess for less.

What Can You Expect from Our Mystery Boxes?

Although the specific items of any mystery box remain a surprise, we provide expectations of what kinds of fashion accessories you can receive, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headbands, hair barrettes, and more. All with a retail value of at least $100.

A Unique Way to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Our product selection varies enough that there will always be something for everyone! Our fashion-themed boxes are a unique and great way to upgrade your everyday wardrobe in a convenient and fun way. It’s an amazing opportunity to discover and explore different fashion trends for a quarter of the retail price. We work with some of the most known industry leaders from around the world to bring you the best possible experience.

The Joy of Opening a Mystery Box

With our mystery boxes, it’s not just about the contents, but also the experience and joy of opening one. We provide both!

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